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Samowisatonimic - Citizen Voice Column | By Saut Marasi Manihuruk, S.Pd.
Samowisatonimic - Citizen Voice Column | By Saut Marasi Manihuruk, S.Pd.

Samosir, OLNewsindonesia, Saturday (24/2). Samowisatanomics stands for Samosir, Wisata, Economics. It’s a coined word of three fields of interest. I think I need to write this as an expression of how we can collectively improve our management system in making Samosir Island as the most favorite tourist destination here in North Sumatera.

In terms of Samosir, we need to explore more and more about Samosir especially the people, the culture, the values, and the everyday life of Samosirians. I think there are many things we can capture and make them popularly known and frequently visited. I mean, not only the beauty of Samosir Island but also the real life of Samosirians should be included in the trips of those who plan to come here in Samosir Island.

The issue is how we can make the visitors enjoy the life in Samosir, by being introduced the culture as well as the values. I think we have more experts on Samosir. We need to listen to them and do what they tell us to do. I believe if we do this, the real picture of Samosir will be known by the potential visitors.

In terms of Wisata, Samosir has a lot to offer to visitors. The beauty and the friendliness are our offers to the visitors. It means we need to popularize these by means of progressive promotions. How can we make the outsiders from the children to the adults know Samosir and have an intention to visit? How can we make more and more people can get easy access on information about Samosir.

Of course, this will be our homework together as Samosirians at anytime. In addition, we need to practice a good management on every trip to every tourist spot here in Samosir. How can we make the potential visitors know the price and the enjoyment they can have while visiting our area? The answer for this is really simple–systematically good management. It means we need to cooperate with our local government by giving real support in its programs.

In terms of Economics, Samosir is a valuable advantage and has a value of selling. Practically speaking, we need to calculate in details on how much it can bring prosperity to our Samosirians. Ideally, the more Samosir exists as a tourist destination, the more prosperous those who live in it. Logically, if more people visit Samosir, the more money will be spent and finally economy runs.

I thinks Samosir has more Samosirians who are experts on this matter. Why do we not empower them to contribute their skills to make Samosir have economical values? Yes, we need their ideas in our economy system here in Samosir.

In short, we need to think Samowisatanomics as a whole in the hope we, Samosirians, have a better future as the most popularly known tourist destination and frequently visited by the visitors. It’s our hope collectively in our vision as well as mission …..

Voice From :

Saut Marasi Manihuruk, S.Pd.
SMP Satu Atap Negeri 4 Pangururan